I think the richest people among us will have the power to face a sudden financial crisis without relying on some form of outer financing. Well, not everyone is lucky like this and almost half of the population is facing a cash crisis.

Have you just hit by a sudden financial emergency? And don't know what to do next? Whether it is due to your joblessness, medical expenses or an immediate home repair, an unpredictable change in your financial situation can really hurt you hard. This situation is really tensed as your bills are pending; you have to pay for your utilities, and most important you must arrange food for your family. So how you could sort out this crisis? Of course, by arranging quick money!

But today in this tight economy, arranging credit is not a child's play. And by chance, if you get loan approval, the process is very slow, lengthy and full of unwanted formalities. There is no guarantee that you will get loan approval after putting all your efforts and time. Additionally, if you have less than a perfect credit score or no credit, it might be impossible for you to borrow cash from "Traditional Lenders".

Approx. 2 million Canadians are used guaranteed payday loans throughout the year for their small needs of money. These loans are gaining popularity day by day just because it offers 100% loan approval. You can get funds on time and cover up all emergencies like medical crisis or major repairs. In other instance, you can send your child to their school picnic or plan a family vacation at a good location. If you need immediate money, you must be applying to online payday loans instant approval. Still confused? Let discuss more below:


Who Uses Payday Loans?

Guaranteed payday loans no matter what Canada is perfect money solution for those people who need short term financial aid. Such short term loans are best for poor or bad credit holders, who are unable to get funds from traditional banks and institutions. These loans also could be a good alternative to arranging funds yourself instead of begging for money in front of your friends and relatives.

Here at Guaranteedpaydayloans.ca, we are happy and bound to help you by matching your loan request to the finest lender. The lender that not only assurance of your loan approval but also fulfill your all financial needs. You are free to use your loan amount for any purpose as our lenders are friendly, trusted and kind-hearted. They knew the importance of money at the time of emergencies. Through our simple application process, you can get connected to thousands of such lenders without stepping out from your comfort of home.


What Are The Advantages of Having Guaranteed Approval Payday Loans over Other Options?

Instead of looking at here and there, payday loans no credit check come with many extraordinary options. You can choose the best direct lender among various options and also get rates that suit your conditions. These guaranteed approval loans offer you more flexibility and convenience as compared to traditional and storefront loans.

Additionally, people with an adverse credit score also have the advantage to access these loans, which is impossible with traditional bank loans. Our main motto behind this website is to provide payday loans to everyone but without any scam or false promises. Applying for a loan through direct lenders instead of brokers can help to keep extra fees out and resulting in more money saving. That's why our application process is totally free because we are not a broker or agency.

Don't Wait To Get Paid. Any Day Can Be Your Pay Day!

Don't worry! Applying for payday loans with us won't affect your credit score


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e-Transfer Payday Loans

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Weekend Payday Loans

Facing a shortage of funds on the weekend? Get approval on Saturday and Sunday. Perfect credit not required.

What Should I Need To Consider Before Apply?

These guaranteed approval payday loans are meant for short term financial needs and you have to pay back it on your due date (next payday). If you are deciding to take payday loans, you will need to set a proper budget for the regularity of your repayments. Repayments of loan on time are not only added you into lenders good books but also boost up your credit history.

When you start searching for the best payday loans that offer guaranteed approval, keep in mind the following points:

  • Loan Amount and Durations: All lenders offer different maximum and minimum loan amount, and also their terms are varied.
  • Cost: It is very important to check the interest rate of your loan. Choosing the lowest cost loan is ensuring that you can easily afford your repayments.
  • Processing Duration: Loan processing and approval time could be varying from one lender to another. Try to apply with a lender that provides same-day fund transfer.
  • Loan Eligibility: Before going to apply for a loan, always check the applicant's eligibility criteria. This step save your time and also prevents your credit score from damage.
  • Repayment Time: Always check the loan repayment options because it directly affects your monthly budget. Most of the lenders offer monthly basis repayment but now some lenders started an option of weekly reimbursement.
  • Early Repayment: Want to clear your loan before time? It is a really good step! Check your lender's policies about early repayments to make sure you save money.

How We Can Help?


What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Payday Loans Canada?

Applying for guaranteed payday loans Canada from our best and direct lenders is very easy. You just need a regular source of income or benefit to make loan repayments. Additionally, you should be an adult and having your own bank account because the lender will directly transfer funds into it for your quick cash access. We are also providing funds via Interac e-Transfer® know more here E-Transfer Payday Loans.


How To Use Payday Loans Responsibly?

Payday loans are not a beast if you use it responsibly than it can help you to remove all your financial obstacles. Keep in mind that never takes a bigger loan amount that you can't pay back. Sit calmly and think about your monthly income and determine the amount that you can repay conveniently.

If you take more money than your necessity, make sure you save cash for your loan repayments before spending on other things. Making a perfect budget and stick to it, is the best way to pay off your loan without stuck into a deadly debt cycle.


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Guaranteed Payday Loans (FAQs)

How do you qualify for payday loans?

Typically, you will need to meet the following basic requirements to qualify for payday loans Canada.

  • Your age should be 18 years or above,
  • Have an valid and active bank account,
  • Must earn a regular source of income/benefits and
  • Have a valid phone number, email and address.

Are there any guaranteed payday loans?

Yes, it exists. Guaranteed payday loans are a very beneficial source of cash at the time of emergencies, but you have to show the proof of income to the lender. These loans are unsecured but you have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Do you need good credit score for
payday loans?

The shortest and sweetest answer is "NO". Payday lenders do not check the borrower's credit score, unlike traditional lenders.

Can you go to jail for not paying your payday loans?

Silly question, No and not at all! Nobody has the right to arrest you for nonpayment of your payday loans. But if you ignore the order of the court to appear, an arrest warrant may be issued against you.

Can I Get A Payday Loan Without Proof Of Income?

Yes, there are some types of unemployment payday loans with no employment verification (no income verification) from trustable direct lenders with guaranteed instant approval in 1 hour. These types of loans make you eligible to get the funds with fast approval to cover the expenditures that you have met suddenly. There are some online direct lenders who are willing to work with you to offer such unsecured loans. Now what matters is, you have to reach the right place that maximum people lack and they have to pay a price for that unintentionally. So first of all, you should approach direct financial dealers whom you can trust upon.

What Does 100% Guaranteed Loan Approval Mean?

First of all, there is no such word called guaranteed exists for installment loans with instant funding because you have to meet the lending criteria. Yes, you have to follow the process, and accordingly, you can get either loan approval or disapproval, depending on how you did that. Yes, you can get the guaranteed approval 100% with some of the direct payday lenders, but not the funds guaranteed. Many people apply by keeping this illusion in their mind which stands to be false after reality comes in front. So you should always apply for payday loans after clearing all the doubts that you have for goodness.

Do I Need To Have A Full-Time Job To Apply For A Loan?

No, you don't need to have a full-time job professionally for applying for loans. Both your job and income are associated with each other when you will have a job. Income will be there and when income is there then you will not have any problem with loan repayment. But the interesting thing is you can get guaranteed loans for unemployed people on benefits with same-day cash approval in 1 hour. No doubts about it because you can find some direct financial dealers who don't have to do anything about what kind of income you have at present. So you can use the government benefits for showing as an income source.

Is There Any Restriction On Spending The Money?

No, you can use payday loans in Canada for anything which is based on short-term expenditure that you have encountered suddenly. There might be a number of expenses including funeral, paying grocery bills, paying rent, and medical bills. Apart from them, many more can be there to tackle at the same time without waiting further. With banks and other traditional lending institutions, you have to give a specific reason for using the loans. But you are not restricted from using payday loans while applying with reliable financial experts. That's why it is very important for anyone from whom they are applying for loans.

Will My Loan Be More Expensive With A Low Credit Score?

Yes, getting bad credit payday loans in Canada with guaranteed approval for poor credit is costly to your pocket because you don't get enough time for repayment. Their fees and interest rates make them expensive for the borrowers. If you don't pay your loan on time responsibly then you would have to pay some extra as a penalty. So yes, you have to pay high-interest rates during your loan repayment. Some marketing traditional lenders charge more than you think. But if you apply at the right place then you don't have to worry about it much.

What Do I Need To Qualify For E-transfer Payday Loans While On ODSP?

Every lender has their specific terms and conditions that decide what you need for getting guaranteed instant approval for e-transfer payday loans Canada on the ODSP program. This can be challenging and complicated while applying for such loans at traditional places. People have to bear a number of paperwork formalities which sometimes irritate a lot when applying traditionally. There are minimal requirements of a few direct lenders that you have to qualify with. (Minimum age of 18, residential address as well as email id and checking account that should be with a Canadian bank or credit union) on the basis of such requirements, you can easily qualify for the loans.

Do Direct Lenders Always Need A Good Credit Score For Payday Loan Approval?

Yes, your credit score is a very important factor for getting any sort of financial assistance like loans, but not all lenders demand that. You can still get guaranteed approval loans for poor and bad credit in Canada with some reliable direct payday lenders. A good credit score represents how responsibly you make your payments and lenders come to know about that while they check your credit history. After all, your credit history is a reflection of your financial living. But it doesn't mean your bad credit is a curse to you. Yes, this creates problems, but your bad credit doesn't make the solution go away with direct payday lenders.

Can I Get a Guaranteed instant approval Loan If My Credit Score Is Not Fantastic?

You can get instant payday loans guaranteed approval no matter in Canada from direct lenders with no complications further. Although, your bad credit score is one of the concerns for the creditors that get you loan disapproval in common cases. But direct lenders don't value your credit score when your life is full of worries about handling your emergencies. One of the considerable things which make you happy is that you are treated as people with good credit scores with direct payday lenders. So it's time to forget what happened at traditional lending institutions last time. This time is something going to be great with instant approval.

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